Leaking Balcony Repairs

We fix leaking showers in The Gold Coast.

Water Leaking From Balcony

Leaking Balconies are a serious problem – Gold Coast Leaking Showers work professionally to fix balconies with both no-tile removal balcony sealing or balcony waterproof and re-tile services.

We will provide a thorough inspection of the leak and determine professionally what the best solution is for your leak. 

Balconies have been known to cause real structural damage to properties. As a result, they are considered to be a high risk repair and require specialised skill and knowledge.

Balcony tiling and waterproofing needs to be correctly installed to ensure water quickly leaves the balcony without sitting on the tiles through the use of fall. 

This is achieved by a skilled tradesman both when building the sand and cement bed, as well as through the use of the amount of glue used under the tiles during the tiling stage of construction.

If the balcony does not fall correctly, or has gaps around its edges, cracks, porous grout or missing tiles, then it is almost definitely leaking and needs to be repaired by a fully qualified and licensed waterproofer, builder or wall and floor tiler.

A balcony that is leaking can cause a lot of trouble if not fixed quickly, and in the right way. 

The ever changing Queensland weather makes it even more important for leaking balconies in Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Byron Bay.

GCLS Tilers would love the opportunity to hear from you, and provide you with a free, no obligation  assessment to find a solution for your water leak. Our tradies are friendly, professional and turn up on time.

We use the latest in waterproofing technology and are fully qualified, licensed and insured. We believe in repairing leaks properly, not with quick shortcuts that ultimately will fail.

As a professional, fully licensed, full time waterproofing and tiling business and our team pride themselves on our professionalism, honesty and care about our reputation – to deliver YOU a quality and no-fuss service