How to Seal Leaking Shower Waterproofing in Gold Coast

We fix leaking showers in The Gold Coast.

How to Seal Leaking Shower Waterproofing in Gold Coast

Shower Sealing Waterproofing

Seal Leaking Shower
So your Gold Coast Shower is Leaking and you need the area to be professionally sealed by a licensed tradesman wall and floor tiler. Where do you start?

The first thing to do is to do your research on the different types of leaking shower solutions and fixes that are available in The Gold Coast.

Some companies really push the ‘seal your leaking shower without removing tiles’ system – which is only suitable for SOME showers, where the shower membrane has not failed.

At Gold Coast Leaking Showers (GCLS) we are regularly called in to fix showers that are leaking even after the shower has been sealed by other companies.

This is due to the membrane having failed, and as a result this shower seal will quickly fail.

Gold Coast Leaking Showers seal all types of leaks, including showers, baths and balconies – but most importantly, we fix the leak the right way without shortcuts.

GCLS also provide the seal only service with no tile removal to fix your leaking shower, but unlike some other companies, we are honest about your options we will tell you the truth, if we don’t think the seal is suitable. Some companies will not tell you this, because they want to win the business by offering the cheapest quote.

For all of your tiling, waterproofing and shower sealing needs in The Gold Coast, contact GCLS today!

Gold Coast Leaking Showers
Gold Coast Leaking Shower Sealing. This shower has been repaired from the subfloor, with new waterproofing and re-tiling of the bottom row and shower floor, and then sealed with an epoxy based grout to further waterproof the floor.

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