Shower Waterproofing

We fix leaking showers in The Gold Coast.

Shower Waterproofing

Shower Waterproofing Gold Coast

Shower waterproofing is one of the most important factors when renovating your bathroom or laundry.

Gold Coast Leaking Showers have repaired thousands of leaking showers, leaking baths and leaking balconies because so few people understand the importance of tiling and waterproofing your bathroom the right way.

Australian Standards set out the required waterproofing for a Queensland bathroom and shower in The Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay.

The biggest cause of water leak in showers and baths is due to lack of, or incorrectly applied waterproofing membrane combined with the use of a porous grout in the shower area.

Non-porous grout is important for a shower area because without it, water and moisture can seep into the grout joints and damage the wall sheeting or subfloor sheeting.

Common signs of failed waterproofing membrane include bubbling paint, water leaking into downstairs ceilings, swollen timbers, wet carpet and other water damage around the bathroom.

Without having the correct waterproofing membrane, water stop angles and bond breakers as per Australian standards – your shower is not safe from leaks.

Yes, there are methods available today to seal leaking showers without removing tiles – but they are only suitable for select showers and unfortunately there are many companies out there today who are using the method and claiming it is the perfect solution.

There are thousands of reviews and complaint online about companies all over the world who promised 25+ year guarantees on no tile removal leak repairs, only to find out that when the shower leaked again they really don’t have that warranty.

It’s a sneaky marketing move where you use the epoxy based product warranty and not your own companies warranty.

Not all shower waterproofing membranes are created equal, thats why at Gold Coast Leaking Showers we only use the best, premium grade materials for tiling and waterproofing to ensure that the shower repair withstands the test of time.

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